Praxis: It is not just our name, but what we do

Teaming with Griffiss International Airport

Delegated Mission Command authority from the New York Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site, operated by the Griffiss International Airport. PACI can support operations in Class G airspace anywhere in the United States that meets the criteria of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved nationwide blanket Certificate of Authority (COA).

Partnership with Clark County Fire Department

PACI supported the submission of the first UAS COA for Clark County Fire Department (CCFD), which was also the first COA under the FAAs "Public Safety Blanket COA" process. In addition, PACI supported submission of CCFDs second approved COA allowing CCFD to work with small unmanned aircraft to aid firefighters in immediate emergency situations by collecting data, surveying areas, and providing video and images. PACI is the designated contractor and point of contact for both COAs.

Local and Municipal Airports

PACI provides on-call consulting services for the city of Boulder City and the Boulder City Municipal Airport as well as Airport Management and Technical Services to the Eldorado Droneport in Boulder City, NV. Consulting services focus on strategic planning, technology acquisition and implementation, airspace procedures, UAS training and community outreach programs.

Government Services

Working with Government Contractors and DOE to provide services through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) focusing on unmanned systems relating to visualization hardware and software technologies. Ongoing collaboration efforts include the development, integration, and testing of systems, concept of operations development and evaluation practices.