Where We Fly

Immediate access to uncongested airspace customized to support your real-life drone application testing in the world. Our U-Space Proving Grounds are centered at the Searchlight Airpark (1L3), extending along a 35 mile (56 km) corridor into both the Eldorado and Piute Valleys, and is one of the largest in the world. Flights within the Skyway and Proving Grounds are focusing on several areas: Extended and Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations, using drones to extend Wi-Fi or mobile phone signals across difficult terrain in emergencies, and delivering low-weight emergency supplies.


Current COAs, Part 107 COWs & Altitudes

  • Eldorado Valley 2000′ AGL
  • Corridor <1200′ AGL
  • Nationwide 1200′ AGL
  • Nationwide 400′ AGL

Current COA Capabilities

  • Day/Night Operations
  • Daisy Chained Visual Observers
  • Rural & Urban Environments
  • Pen & Ink Change for Additional UAS
  • Minimum 24 Hour NOTAM Requirement
  • Part 48 Registration Acceptable



  • Flat to rolling terrain with 300+ flying days.
  • Low-use airports with unimproved and hard surface runways.
  • Safety assured through mitigation, solid procedures, & operational restrictions.
  • Low surface population, mostly rural, low average air traffic density.

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