Searchlight Airpark (1L3)

PACI has an on-site UAS flight operations facility at Searchlight Airport. This facility provides briefing and operations rooms as well as computer access, restroom and storage areas for our clients utilizing our range for UAS operations. PACI also has usage rights at a facility at the northern end of our range for government customers who require restricted access operations.


!RNO 04/010 1L3 RWY 16/34 CLSD EXC 24 HR PPR 7025861160 1904022019-2208312359

  • Flexible scheduling practices and vast airspace allow PACI to accommodate a wide range of UAS operations.
  • Located 2 miles south of the town of Searchlight, Nevada, the Searchlight Airpark boasts a 5040 x 70 ft (1536 x 21 m) asphalt paved north-south aligned runway (16-34).
  • 1L3 support the lowest cost of entry for any UAS Test Range within the Southwest United States with over 50 pads on extensive multiple active taxiways.
  • Daily usage fees (including pad, parking and AeroPermit support) start at $50 and require less than 24-hours of notice for access.

Email for cost estimate and scheduling 

The Searchlight Airpark (1L3) has high-density UAS traffic, including Recreational (Part 101), Public Aircraft and Commercial (Part 107) operations.  

View the FAA database about Searchlight here.
Current NOTAM information is available here.

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