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Praxis develops practical solutions for multi-modal (ground-air-sea-industrial) robotics and unmanned systems (UxS) that benefit from experience and “best practices”. Praxis Aerospace can develop and operate laboratory and field facilities for autonomous systems research, development, test, evaluation, deployment, commercialization, and training.

Our consultants range from 10 to 45 years’ experience in the aviation industry, with increasing responsibility, with military, public and civil unmanned aircraft systems across the globe.

The PACI team can create and deliver a wide variety of UAS solutions for defense services, law enforcement, fire services and public safety to include the following: organizational training strategies and protocols, emergency response robot equipment purchase and/or lease, compliance with federal and state safety and privacy regulations; data acquisition, implementation, and collection; range coordination and procedures; airworthiness; flight operations; and flight testing.  

  • A Work Package is tailored to specific customer requirements utilizing specific Project Personnel Labor Categories and scopes of work described within. A work package is the most appropriate method to provide Operations Support to the customer.

We provide consultancy and support services in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning, including concept requirements and safety assessment
  • Design, construction and verification of unmanned aircraft systems, including third-party compliance testing with industry consensus-based standards and homologation
  • Technology acquisition and implementation
  • Uncontrolled airspace management through technical means
  • Procedures and training

Our activities can include studies, analyses, and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative, or implementation efforts.

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